See How Your Child Ranks in Popular Baby Names

See How Your Child Ranks in Popular Baby Names - Popular baby names change from year to year, but in every generation there are more of one name that another. Sometimes this happens in amazing quantities. While thinking of what you will call your child, how many people really stop to think about how many kindergarteners in five years will share their child's name. The specific names change over time, but there are always those kids who have an initial after their names to keep them apart.

Some people prefer to stay away from the more popular baby names to make their child's more unique. Some don't ever think about it. However, if you are stuck on deciding a name for your child, looking at these names might help out. And after all, if that many people agree on a name, there must be something good about it. Whether your goal is to avoid or adapt the popular trend, you can easily access the most recent popular baby names lists.

One site where you can access this list is This site is kept up-to-date with information on the most popular baby names taken from hospital lists around the country.

Popular Baby Names

This site is great for finding popular baby names because of its searching tools. You can look at the most popular boy and girl names from the most recent data. You can search for this information for the whole country or by state. You can search through this criteria by year or decade.

If you've ever wondered how popular your name is, you can search through popular baby names for that too. You can search for the year you were born, or just recently. You can also look to see about popular names for twins. This might be very useful for the couples that are thinking up multiple names.

Naming your baby or babies should be fun, but if you get a little stuck, don't hesitate to see what others are doing. Searching through popular baby names is a great way to find the perfect name or generate some great ideas. And since your curiosity has to be up by now, I'll tell you, the most popular baby names right now are Emily and Jacob. But tragically, "Blue" and "Rocket Blade" didn't even make the top ten list - they were much further down.