Baked Mincemeat Donuts recipe

Baked Mincemeat Donuts recipe - These Christmassy donuts are filled with mincemeat and are baked instead of fried, meaning that they are actually far healthier than the usual deep-fried donut. A simple spiced donut dough is created then filled with mincemeat before being baked in the oven. Serve with cold ice cream.

* 200g strong plain white bread flour
* 7g sachet yeast
* 25g butter
* 1 tsp. mixed spice
* 2 tbsp. caster sugar
* 5 tbsp. milk
* 4 tbsp. mincemeat
* Pinch of salt
* 1 egg
* Sugar to coat

Method of Preparation:
1. Sieve the flour into a bowl. Stir in the sugar, mixed spice and salt, then rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs.
2. Stir in the yeast. Warm the milk until just warm in the microwave or a pan, then beat it with the egg.
3. Make a well in the centre of the flour, then pour in the egg/milk mixture. Mix well and then knead together for five minutes or so until no longer sticky.
4. Leave the dough to rise for around an hour, then knead it again briefly before dividing into 12 pieces.
5. Roll the pieces into balls, then flatten them with the palm of your hand. Put a teaspoon of the mincemeat into the centre of the dough, then pull the sides of the dough up around the mincemeat and pinch to seal.
6. Put the donuts down onto a baking tray lined with parchment, sealed side down, and leave for another half an hour.
7. Bake at 190C for 12-15 mins, then roll in sugar to serve.

Baked Mincemeat Donuts recipe

You could also use this technique to make other filled donuts - try caramel or apple sauce filled donuts for an equally Christmassy vibe. This recipe serves 12.