5 Quick and Easy Tips for a Great Breakfast

5 Quick and Easy Tips for a Great Breakfast - Even if you are completely busy in the mornings getting your family and yourself ready, there’ll no longer be an excuse for missing breakfast with the following five quick and healthy breakfast tips. They will ensure your family has a nutritious and healthy start to every morning. Skipping breakfast has been proven to have negative effects on the body, such as slowing the metabolism and poor concentration. Following these simple tips will have the entire family fueled and ready to have productive days, every day.

#1 – Keep it Simple

In order to have a healthy breakfast does not mean they you have to spend all morning in the kitchen. There are many breakfast cereals that are organic and full of vitamins. Just add some almond or soy milk and some diced fruit. Another simple, but nutritious morning meal is Overnight Oatmeal. There are tons of recipes online, but it is basically Irish oats you cook in a slow cooker on low overnight. You can add all different ingredients to suit your family’s taste.

Great Breakfast

#2 – Plan Ahead and Prep

A great way to be sure your family is getting the nutrition they need to start their day is to plan the week ahead. That way you can prep your breakfast items, such as dicing fruits and/or making any version of Overnight Oatmeal to have on hand and ready to go. Knowing what to just assemble in the mornings for breakfast take away any extra time trying to decide what to make.

#3 – Always have Backup

There are going to be some mornings that it is virtually impossible to make breakfast and everyone have time to eat it. Therefore, always have a something that is healthy and portable for everyone to eat on the go. For example, there are many food companies that make healthy and low fat alternatives to frozen breakfast items like muffins and sandwiches. These are perfect to just pop in the microwave and go.

#4 – Don’t Forget the Convenience of a Liquid Breakfast

There are literally thousands of variations on a healthy breakfast smoothie. This is one of the fastest ways to get your family the nutrition they need. Simple include a fiber source like oats, any milk source such as soy or coconut and any fruit and vegetables you choose then blend and serve. This can be consumed before anyone leaves the house or it is also great for on the go. Additions like essential oils, wheatgrass and flaxseed are also great.

#5 – Always Keep Your Eye Out For Shortcuts

Finding ways to speed things up in the morning is usually top priority for most people. Therefore, finding shortcuts, such as baking several eggs at once in a muffin tin and/or making and freezing healthy waffles or pancaked that can be popped in the toaster can make a whole lot easier.