Easy And Quick Cooking Light Recipes

Easy And Quick Cooking Light Recipes - Are you a fan of Cooking Light recipes? Maybe you've seen the magazine (Cooking Light) over the past couple of decades and gotten some great recipes and ideas about what to cook for dinner from it. Or perhaps you've seen it mentioned on a favorite morning TV program and were curious. However you've come to know about it, one thing is certain: you're sure to find a great recipe you didn't know beforehand in each issue of Cooking Light.

You can even pick up a great Cooking Light Complete Cookbook to find tons of fast, low calorie recipes.

For 20 years, Cooking Light has steadily grown in popularity for a simple reason - you get cooking and baking recipes that are quick, easy, and often taste wonderful while being relatively low-calorie. One of the great things about the magazine is that they usually focus on recipes to help you create dishes from food you probably already have in your pantry and refrigerator at home.

Cooking Light Recipes

Fancy Names, Easy Recipes

Often, Cooking Light specializes in recipes with fancy names that are actually made from common ingredients. Here's a good example, from their 'Best Of The Year' recipe collection:

New Twists on Old Favorites

Another reason so many people enjoy the recipes they find in Cooking Light is the twists they come up with to turn traditional (but often bland) food favorites into new taste sensations. What you discover is that it doesn't take much - just a bit of ingenuity - to take something like a basic potato soup recipe and make it memorable. Cooking Light's favorite soup recipe this year is called 'Baked Potato Soup.' As the name implies, this recipe just adds the ingredients of a loaded baked potato: cheese, sour cream, butter, green onions, bacon. The result is a soup everyone will rave about!

No matter what kind of cook you are (or are aspiring to become), Cooking Light recipes have something to offer you. From fancy dishes to everyday meals to vegetarian fare, there's a recipe lurking there for every desire.