Bugnes (French Donuts) recipe

Bugnes (French Donuts) recipe - These tasty French pastries are very donut-like in taste and texture and are a traditional pastry found in many bakeries in France. Flavoured with lemon zest, they are light and very delicate. You could also omit the lemon zest and use orange zest instead.

* 1 kg plain flour
* 120g caster sugar
* 150g melted butter
* 8 eggs
* Zest of two large lemons
* 2 x 7g sachets dried active yeast
* 4 tbsp. water
* Oil for deep-frying

Bugnes (French Donuts) recipe

Method of Preparation:
1. Combine the yeast with the water and let it stand for 15 minutes.
2. Mix the yeast mixture with the flour, then add the sugar, butter, eggs and zest. Stir with a spoon to start with and then use your hands.
3. Once a dough forms, leave it to rise for a few hours under a cloth.
4. Roll the dough out to around half an inch thick and then cut into shapes.
5. Heat the oil until hot and drop the donuts into the oil very carefully. Remember to remove the excess flour. If the oil is hot enough the donuts will change colour very quickly. If they don't change colour really quickly, leave the oil to heat for a bit longer. Once deep golden brown on all sides, remove and drain excess oil on some kitchen paper.

If you like, sprinkle some icing sugar over the donuts once cooked or roll them in granulated sugar. This recipe serves 20.