Finding Perfect Baby Girl Names

Finding Perfect Baby Girl Names - When parents find themselves choosing baby girl names, there are some definite ideas about names that often come into play. Some people believe that baby girl names should have a feminine sound. Others look for originality or choose the baby girl names to carry on family names.

If you're stuck in your search for baby girl names, there are some good resources available, or you may find that using your imagination is a good way to come up with the perfect name.

One fairly recent trend in choosing baby girl names that seems to be gaining in popularity is the practice of using familial surnames for first and second names. The trend is more prevalent in boys, but is also seen in girls' names, resulting in names such as McKenzie, Quillin and Kirby.

Baby Girl Names

Many parents look at meanings and origins in their quest for the perfect baby girl names. Both country of origin and the root of the name can play a role in whether that name is selected.

Some parents simply make up baby girl names being considered. Adding "La" to the front of a name has been a popular way of making a name both more original and more feminine. The results include LaTisha and LaTonya, very popular baby girl names a few years ago.

Flowers are often chosen for baby girl names. Some of these are rather old-fashioned, and they're seeing a rise in popularity simply because they haven't been used so much in recent years. Rose, Lily, Dahlia and Camilla are among those "flowery" baby girl names.

There are, of course, some baby girl names that simply remain popular and are used often. Mary is one of those, and the popularity can likely be traced back to biblical passages.

While many parents consider the initials of names they're considering, some parents also consider how the baby girl names will fit if that daughter were to someday marry someone. The parents of a daughter named Holly may someday regret the choice when the child married Mr. Wood and becomes Holly Wood. Sound ridiculous? It's just one example of how important choosing a name for your child is, and how stressed some parents can become over the task at hand.

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