Networks Names Baby Boy Male Islami Modern Gallery The letter "A"

Networks Names Baby Boy Male Islami Modern Gallery 2020 - The series name of the baby's name is one of a series of names the coolest, that can be made ispiransi for parents in naming a baby boy on the baby's our pet that will soon be out , Lots of sequences unique name in modern Islamic latest funny that you can let the stack can produce a baby boy name that is very cool.

By compiling a series of names can generate meaning and very beautiful. You can prepare by linking three words or two-word name that can see the name of the means that will be a meaningful sentence from a series or combination of Islamic language can also be combined with Latin, Arabic, and so forth.

Now you can see a collection of a series of baby name boy modern Islamic and complete with means that are already prepared right on the following pages. Given some of the series names for the baby, I hope you can be more creative in compiling baby name combines the best man for the baby we were about to be born.

Gambar Rangkaian Nama Bati Laki Laki

Bila mana anda bingung dalam merangkaikan sebuah nama untuk calon anak kita, memanglah tidak sangat mudah, harus membutuhkan pertimbangan dalam mencari arti nama islami terbaik. Maka dari itu kami sudah menyediakan beberapa rangkaian nama bayi laki laki islami mulai dari awalan hurup abzad A sampai Z.

Network Male Baby Name Prefix The letter "A"
Asim Askari = A military protector in life.
Asim: Protective
Askari: Military

Abbad Nailun Nabhan = Men who diligently worship and the glory
Abbad: Diligent worship
Nailun: Gain; get
Nabhan: Glory

Abdiel Justin Gilbert = Men who serve a God of justice and can be trusted
Abdiel: Servant
Justin: Fair
Gilbert: Trusted

Abdilah Abqari Agam = boy's strong and smart as a man of God
Abdillah, Abdillah: slave or servant of Allah
Abqari: Genius, smart
Agam: Strong

Abdilah Primary = The first son of the servant of God
Abdillah, Abdillah: slave or servant of Allah
Primary: first Putra

Abd Halim Ariqin = A slave with good and refined
Abbdu: Servant
Ariqin: Good moral
Halim: Fine; soft

Abduh Hubbu Neural = Servant of God who loved the glory
Abduh: Servant
Hubbu: Love; love
Nerves: Glory

Abdul Aziz Fath al-Islam = Men who become servants of God of glory, opening the glory of Islam
Abdul Aziz: Servant of glorious
Fath: Unlocking the success of
Islam: Islam, safe

Abdul Ghaffar = Men who become servants of Allah, the Most Forgiving
Abdu: Slave
Ghaffar: Forgiving

Abdul Ghani = Men who become servants of Allah, the Most work
Abdu: Slave
Ghani: The Masterpiece

Abdul Hamid Shamil = Men who serve Allah, the most Blessed and comprehensive
Abdu: Slave
Hamid the Praised
Shamil: comprehensive

Abdul Hasib Abidin = Servant of God who is good at counting and worship.
Abdul Hasib: The servant who knows how to calculate
Abidin: The worship

Abdul Karim Shamil = Men who become slaves of God, the Most Exalted comprehensive
Abdu: Slave
Karim: Highness
Shamil: Comprehensive

Abdul Karim Wafi = Men who become slaves of God, the perfect and most noble
Abdul: Servant
Karim: Highness
Wafi: Perfect

Abdul Khair Example = Male consistent as slave excellent
Abdul : Servant of Allah
Khair: Top; Excellent
Example: Consistent; Fixed

Abdul Khalaf At-Tawheed = A servant with a purity of faith who have good qualities
Abdul: Servant
Khalaf: Good child; Good
At-Tawheed: The purity of the faith (oneness of God)

Abdul Latif = A man as a servant of God who has a gentle demeanor.
Abdul: I am the servant of Allah
Latif: Gentle

Abdul Wafi King Numan = Slave perfect God who expects enjoyment
Abdul: Servant
Wafi: Perfect
King: Hope; hope
Nu'man: Enjoyment

Abdul Wahab Khalaf = Men who are good as a servant of the Most Giving
Abdul: Servant
Wahab: The Most give
Khalaf: Good child; Nice

Abdul Wahid timeless = Servant of the one true God and eternal.
Abdul Wahid: Servant of the one God
eternal: the eternal

Abdul Wahid Muinurraja = Men who help to ask for help as a servant of Allah Almighty
Abdul: Servant
Wahid: Almighty; Single
Muinul: Help, help
King: Hope; hope

Abdullah Anwar Rabani = A servant that emits a beam of divinity
Abdullah: Servant
Anwar Ray; light; Nur
Rabbani belief

Abdullah At-Tawheed = Men who serve Him in the unity of Allah
Abdullah: Servant of
At-Tawheed: The purity of the faith (oneness of God)

Abdullah Ath-Tahir = Men who serve God with purity
Abdullah: servant of
Ath-Tahir: Bible; Net

Abdullah rafif = A servant is well mannered
Abdullah: Servant
Rafif: virtuous good; Good

Abdullah Abid Rasyiqul = A stout man of God and love of worship
Abdullah: Servant
Rasyiqul: Workers; stocky; strong
Abid: worship

Abi Abdul Absyar = An older brother as a man of God who is always happy.
Abi: Brother
Abdul: I
Absyar rejoice

Abid Aqila Pranaja = Boy who understand and religious experts
Abid: Member of Worship (Arabic)
Aqila: YG understanding (Arabic)
Pranaja: Boy (Sanskrit, Kawi)

Abid Aqila Rajendra = Men who are experts of worship is very handsome and intelligent
Abid: member of worship
Aqila: the understanding
Rajendra Very handsome

Abid Fadhil Abyan = Member of worship Excellency expository simplicity with
Abid: Member of Worship (Arabic)
Fadhil: Noble
Abyan: Yanggu candid

Abidin Akbar = Youth great and pious.
Abidin: The worship
of Akbar the Great

Abidun Azhim = Servant of God worship to the Almighty
Abidun: worship
Azhim: Honored

Abiyyu Bagrat Warid = man created by God with a noble and brave soul.
Abiyyu: The noble soul
Bagrat: God Created
Warid: Brave

Abqari Runako Arsenio = Men of genius, handsome, and brave
Abqari: Genius
Runako: Handsome
Arsenio: Workers dare

Abran Abidin = A father of many people who are eager to serve.
Abran: Father of the crowd
Abidin: The worship

Abrar Zulfah Tampubolon = Men who always do good to get position will result in compatibility.
OIA: Those who do good
Zulfah: Degree / position (Islam)
Tampubolon: Keselerasian

Abraruz Zahidin = Men who do good of those ascetic
Abrar: Doing benevolence
Zahidin: People ascetic; humility; earnestly pray

Adam Abrisam Abbasy = first man born on earth to face the handsome face and diligent effort.
Abrisam: The soft / handsome
Adam: Earth, ground
Abbasy: Diligent tried

Abu Bakar Siddik Arrafif = Men who hasten, justify and noble
Abu Bakr: The haste
Siddik: What justifies
Ar Rafif: good moral

Abu Wasim Adabi = Laki- handsome man looks out of modesty.
Abu Wasim: The handsome
Adabi: Kesopananku, literary

Abu Wasim Ahlam = A handsome man who has tremendous patience properties.
Abu Wasim: The handsome
Ahlam: Dreams, patience

Abyan Nandana = Boy who can explain clearly
Abyan: Can explain clearly (Arabic)
Nandana: Boys (Java)

Achmad Adya Nandana = Boy first honest and trustworthy.
Achmad: Reliable, honest
Adya: First, there is no equal
Nandana: Boy

Achmad Adya Surya = The man who has the virtue of morals
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename Prophet Muhammad
Adya: First, there is no equal (India)
solar: solar (India, Indonesia, Java)

Ahmad Azzam Nurwahid = men who are reliable, of good will and strong as the main light
Achmad: Reliable, honest, forename Prophet Muhammad
Azzam: goodwill and noble
Nurwahid: The main light, first

Achmad Joey =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename Prophet Muhammad
Joey: 1) The feeling of justice. 2) God's Blessing. 3) The love and happiness 4) Finish with a good, smart and lucky. 5) perfect job

Achmad Sakha Arkan wiratama =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename Prophet Muhammad
Sakha: 1) God's Blessing. 2) Successfully well, smart and lucky
Arkan, Arkaan: 1) Honor, glory. 2) Expert poet
wiratama / Officers: Warrior (Indonesia) + Main: clincher importantly, who has the virtue

Adam Ahlan Ahnaf = Men who always hold fast to the teachings of Islam and salvation.
Adam: Prophet Adam
Ahlan security
Ahnaf: The devout religion, straight

Adam Faiz Al Arkhan = Men who imitate, successful and honored
Adam: The name of the prophet, exemplary, soil
Faiz: Won, successful
Arkhan: Glorifying

Addar Quthni Poldi = a priest narrators very brave
Addar Quthni: a priest narrators of hadith (Arabic)
Poldi: People who are very brave (Germany)

Adelard Gabriel = Gabriel valiant
Adelard: valiant (Germany)
Gabriel: Gabriel (Arabic)

Adelio Affandi = The boy who became a prince with a noble rank.
Adelio: the noble
Affandi: Title of person domiciled

Adham Wasim = Men who have lineage handsome
Adham: lineage; genealogies; rope chain
Wasim: Rupawan; good-looking; beautiful

Adi Abhar Adlan = man with his looks radiant always uphold justice.
Adi: Name of Prophet Muhammad's companions
Abhar: Servant / radiant
Adlan: Justice

Adib Alim Aminullah = Men who are educated and civilized, and won the trust of Allah
Adib: Civilized
Alim: Knowledgeable; intelligent
Aminullah: Faith of God

Adib Zainul Mutaqqin = Male manners into jewelry for the righteous
Adib: courtesy; manners; civilized
Zain: Jewelry; crown
Muttaqin: People who fear Allah; beribdah obey

Aditya Alva Bisyari = Men like the sun rays are supreme happiness.
Aditya: The sun
Alva: Great, glorious
Bisyari: Happiness

Aditya Gemilang Ramadan = The boy who was born in the month of Ramadan as the sun paradise bright
Aditya: The Sun Paradise
Bright: Light once
Ramadan: Month of Ramadan

Aditya Naufal Dary Abiyyu = The handsome young man was wise and noble soul so that later can be a leader
Aditya / Raditya: 1) Sun (Java). 2) the sun (Hindu)
Naufal young man who is handsome and generous (Arabic)
Dary: Arif wise, the rich (Irish)
Abiyyu: noble soul

Aditya Rifqi Hamizan = man handsome, clever and wise and gentle
Aditya: People a clever and wise
Rifqi: gentle
Hamizan: smart, strong, handsome

Adlan Izzuddin Karami = Men who beradilan religion is my honor and glory
Adlan: Justice
Izzuddin: glory of
Karami: My glory

Adli Adnan Abidin = Men with discretion pious nature.
Adli: Wise
Adnan: Name progenitor prophet
Abidin: The worship

Adli Makarim = Men who can do justice to obtain the glory of
Adli: God's Justice
Makarim: Glory

Adlullah Shafi = Men who get the justice of God to heal
Adlullah: God's Justice
Shafi Healer; aid giver

Adnan Khiar = Paradise Paradise is the best choice
Adnan: pleasure, Paradise Paradise (Arabic)
Khiar: best choice (Arabic)

Adnan Khiar Ardhani = Man heavenly paradise be the best option and sacred
Adnan: Fun, heaven paradise
Khiar: The best option
Ardhani: Holy

Adnan Manaf Rahman = Adnan showing the advantages of the Merciful
Adnan: The name of the Prophet; heaven's name
Manaf: Shows Advantages; ability; prowess
Rahman: The Merciful; Loving (Attributes of God)

Adonis Agam Agustin = handsome man who earned glory and honor.
Adonis: Dashing, handsome
Mansion: Big, bold, strong
Agustin: A noble

Adrian Pradipta Amzari = Boy first effort, noble and wealthy
Adrian: sailor, rich
Pradipta: light brilliant, first child
Amzari: The noble

Adyatma Amzari = Men by nature always get glory and grace in life.
Adyatma: Awards live
Amzari: The noble

Adyatma Serkan Ramazan = man in the gift of life from the blood of the noble danlahir the month of Ramadan
Adyatma: Awards live
Serkan: From noble blood
Ramazan: Ramadan

IDZIN Abiyyu Abbas = A leader with all the glory of his soul like companions prophet SAW
iDZIN: leader
Abiyyu: the noble soul
Abbas: the name of the prophet Muhammad

iDZIN Ahmad Aidan = a man as a leader who is always enthusiastic and the pride of the community.
IDZIN leader
Ahmad: Most boast
Aidan: Eager

Afdal Gilang Aditya = Men who best have a bright light into the blessed
Afdal: Best, more mainstream
Gilang: Illuminated light
Aditya: The ridhai

Affan Arsalan Baqir = Male clever and knowledgeable who has the courage of a lion king of the jungle
Affan: clever, intelligent
Arsalan: lions
Baqir: knowledgeable, knowledgeable

Afham Afnan Afif = Male clever radiant and always chaste.
Afham: The clever
Afnan: Beauty / series
Afif: The dignity / a chaste

Afi Sadid Qauluh = Man whose words are always true forgiving
Afi: Forgiving; forgiving
sadid: Always true; true
Qauluh: remarks; words

Afif ahwal Said = Men who keep yourselves from forbidden actions and the condition was always happy
Afif: Maintain; keep yourself; mimiliki esteem
ahwal: State; condition; atmosphere
Said: Happy; happy

Aflahul Mu'minin = Men who gained the victory on the faithful
Aflah: Victory; success; success
Mu'minin: The faithful

Afnan Fair Adabi = Male with beaming face that has a balanced and courteous nature.
Afnan: Beaming
Fair: Balanced
Adabi: Polite

Afnan Atma Moon = Men have a life that blooms glow like moonlight
Afnan: Bloom beamed
Atma: Soul
Full Moon: The moon

Afnan Fausto Saadan = Men who request was granted and full of good luck and happiness
Afnan: Request fruitful or granted
Fausto: Lucky
Saadan: Happiness

Agam Abdilah Primary = first son strong and servants of Allah
Agam: strong (Malay)
Abdilah Abdillah: servant or slave of Allah (Arabic)
Primary: the first son (Indonesia)

Agam Abdilah Primary = boy -laki first as a strong man of God Almighty.
Agam: Strong
Abdillah, Abdillah: slave or servant of Allah
Primary: first son

Agam Abdillah Najmudin = Men who serve God are strong, and the star of
Agam: Strong
Abdillah: slave or servant of Allah
Najmudin: Star of

Agha Afdal Ahlan = a leader who always get the best safety.
Agha: Chairman, Chief
Afdal: Best, more mainstream
Ahlan security

Sunday Affan Afqar = A poor first climbers
Sunday: A, esa
Affan: Climber
Afqar: Fakir

Sunday Agha Ahlan = first leader who always get to safety.
Sunday: A, esa
Agha: Chief, leader
Ahlan security

Ahlam Ahsan = Someone who has the best dream.
Ahlam: dream, patience
Ahsan: The best

Ahlam Faisal Hanif = Male dreams of becoming a Muslim straight and can distinguish between truth and falsehood
Ahlam: dream, hope, patience
Faisal: Separator between truth and falsehood
Hanif: Muslim Straight

Ahlam Zulfadli Eden = best hope in heaven
Ahlam: dream, hope, patience (Arabic, French)
Zulfadli, Zulfadhli: Does anyone have the advantage
paradise: paradise (Arabic)

Ahlam Zulfadli Rahmani = Men who become dear, hope, and with all the benefits
Ahlam: dream, hope, patience
Zulfadli: Who has the edge
Rahmani: Kesayanganku

Ahlam FADHLURRAHMAN Najid = Male dreams valiant priority of God
Ahlam: dream, kelembutanku
FADHLURRAHMAN: preferences of God
Najid: Workers dare

Ahlan Abrisam = handsome man who always blessed with salvation.
Ahlan security
Abrisam: The soft / handsome

Ahlan Aiman Akalil = man on the throne of the kingdom of salvation would be the best hope for the future.
Ahlan security
Aiman: Which lucky, hope
Akalil: Prince

Ahmad Aqeel Tsaniy =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename prophet Muhammad
Aqeel, Aqeela: YG best
Tsaniy, Tsany: YG both

Ahmad Azam Behrmann = Male admirable and determined round opening triumph of God's merciful
Ahmad: Praised
Azam: determination
Behrmann: open, the success of God's merciful

Ahmad Azzam = May be a child who has a will and a strong effort and hopefully berahlak good
Achmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest , forename prophet Muhammad
Azzam: good and strong willed

Ahmad Faris Maulana =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename prophet Muhammad
Faris: Knight riding
Maulana: 1) honors the Prophet 2) protector, helper 3) The family name

Ahmad Jaudullamiuddin = Male commendable acts of kindness for religion
Ahmad: Commendable
Jaudullami: Benefits of
Ad-Din: religious

Ahmad Khairuddin = Male admirable exercise kindness to religious
Ahmad: praised
Khairuddin: Benefits of
Ad-Din: religious

Ahmad Rayyan =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename prophet Muhammad
Rayyan Gate a haven for those abstinent (Arabic)

Ahmad Sulthan Nazhirul Asrofi =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename prophet Muhammad
Sulthan: Which empowers
Nazhirul Asrofi: explainer in Islam

Ahmad Waliuddin = Male commendable that the religious leaders
Ahamad: Praised; exemplary
Waliuddin: Field; assistant of

Ahmad Yahya Ayyash =
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest, forename prophet Muhammad
Yahya: 1) The name of the Prophet (Arabic) 2) Given by God (Egypt)
Ayaz, Ayash, Ayyash: Hard worker (Arabic)

Ahmed Afham = beach boy gets the credit.
Ahmed: Quick compliment
Afham: The clever

Ahnafus Shalihin = Men who are very lepeng in religion from the religious group
Ahnafus: Very plates; Straight in religious
Righteous: The pious

Ahsan Abdul Hadi = Men who best serve God with guided
Ahsan: The best
Abdul: Servant
Hadi: The Most indicators

Ahsan Ahza Ahlam = Male best have patience full and obtain good luck.
Ahsan: The best
Ahza: The lucky
Ahlam: dream, patience

Ahsan Ajwad Akalil = Men are more generous best exercise crown glory of the kingdom.
Ahsan: The best
Ajwad: The more generous
Akalil: Crown

Ahwas Farid Assyraaf = Male daredevil special and precious
Ahwas: brave
Farid: What is special
Assyraaf: The noble

Ahza Najwan Al Islami = Men are lucky because of religious salvation
Ahza: The lucky
Najwan: Wins
Al Islami: Religion secure

Aidan Quentin Hamizan = Men who eagerly longed for the future of intelligent and powerful
Aidan: eager
Quentin: crave future
Hamizan: intelligent, strong, handsome

Aiman Ahwaz Tsaqib = males have a passion mengapai expected by capital intelligence
Aiman: hope
Ahwaz : seriousness
Tsaqib: Intelligent, smart

Aimanun Ujab = Male pious gain advantage
Aimanun: Group; those pious
Ujab: Advantages; wonders

Aimar Moussa = Moses the Prophet
Aimar Friend Prophet
Musa: Musa

Aimar Radinka Faustin = Men become friends prophet pleasant and fortunate
Aimar Friend Messenger
Radinka: Glad
Faustin: Lucky

Aiyub Ajwad = Men are born with nature more generous.
Aiyub: The name of the prophet
Ajwad: The more generous

Aiyub Akbar = man with a big heart.
Aiyub: Name of the prophet
Akbar: The Great

Akalil Ajwad = son as crown prince merciful.
Akalil: Crown
Ajwad: Even more quixotic

Akbar Al Farrukh = A big strong men who earn a fortune.
Akbar: Big
Al Farrukh: Happy, berutung

Akbar Caesar Nurdaffa = Men who are great leaders luminous and have a strong defense
Akbar: Big
Caesar: Caesar, the leader
Nurdaffa: Light defenders, people who have a strong defense

Akhal Bahir = Having eyes black shining and sparkling
Akhal: Has a black eye (Arabic)
Bahir: Berseniar and sparkling (Arabic)

Akhal Uinseann = Winner who had a black eye
Akhal: Has a black eye (Arabic)
Uinseann: Penahluk, winner (Ireland, Latin)

Akhdan Ajad Alair = Friends who are carefree and always do good.
Akhdan: Friends
Ajad: Do good
Alair: Carefree

Akhdan Ziyad = A friend who has the advantage
Akhdan: Friends; an intimate friend
Ziyad: Excellence; advantages; privilege

Akid Akma Ajani = The leader who is always strong and victorious in the struggle.
Akid: Strong, firm, fixed
Akma: Leader
Ajani: The person who wins the struggle

Akif Said = Men who are pleased with the diligent beritikaf
Akif: Diligent; beritikaf diligently
Said: Glad; happy

Akmal Akbar Alauddin = Male with all the perfection that is great, and always uphold religion.
Akmal: Perfect
Akbar: The Great
Alauddin: Height religion

Akmal Akhtar = A man who became the perfect choice.
Akmal: Perfect
Akhtar: The chosen

Akmal Majid Al Faruq = Men who are more accomplished and respected as well as the distinction between right and falsehood
Akmal: More perfect
Majid: Respected
Al Faruq: Distinguishing between the Truth and falsehood

Akmaluz Zuhair = The beauty of a perfectly
Akmal: Perfect; more complete
Zuhair: Beauty; shine; luminous

Akram Farjana Khairul = man more noble, wise, intelligent into good faith
Akram: More noble
Farjana: Wise, clever, intelligent
Khairul: Kindness religion

Akram Ziyad = Male noblest given the privilege by God
Akram: Most ; very noble
Ziyad: Exclusivity; advantages; hallmarks

of Al Amin Joey Abqari = Male trustworthy, smart and lucky to
Al-Amin: Trustworthiness
Joey: Feeling the god of justice, successful, smart and lucky
Abqari: clever

Al-Ghazali Tsaqib Ananda Reza = Being a king (leader) intelligent and flexible (can menenempatkan themselves anywhere) that brings happiness for the people
of Al-Ghazali: 1) Agile, flexible. 2) The name of one of the high priest, Imam Al-Ghazali wise
Tsaqib: Intelligent
Ananda: Happiness
Reza: Raja

Al-Ghazali Tsaqib Rabbani = Men who become priest thoughtful, intelligent and lively sake of Allah
Al-Ghazali: The name of one great imam, Imam Al Ghazali wise
Tsaqib: Intelligent, clever
Rabbani: For God's sake

Alamgir Abrisam Arief = Conquering the world handsome, gentle, fair and wise
Alamgir: Conquering the world
Abrisam: good looks, gentleness (Arabic)
Arif, Arief: Fair, thoughtful.

Alauddin Zuhdi = Men get the glory of religion of worshiping God kesungguhanya
Alauddin: Glory religion
Zuhdi: Seriousness; persistence of worship; humble

Alby Luthfy Fachry = Heart meek and humble
Alby, Qalbu: Liver (Arabic)
Luthfy: Gentle
Fachry: Understated

Aldebaran Nabhan Pradipta = first child smart and bright
Aldebaran: Stars red most radiant in the constellation Taurus (Astronomy )
Nabhan: Smart (Arabic)
Pradipta, Pradipto: Light, bright, first child (Java)

Alem Zeroun = People who are knowledgeable, wise and honorable
Alem: Knowledgeable people (Arabic)
Zeroun: Be smart and honorable (Armenia)

Alham Aliya = Men who obtain the highest inspiration.
Im: Rouse inspiration
Aliya: The high

im Fadhlurahman Najid = man who inspired the priority of God and valiantly
im: Ilham
Fadhlurahman: Priority of God
Najid: Workers brave

Ali Allama = Men's stature and broad knowledge.
Ali: The noble, lofty position
Allama: The extensive knowledge

Ali Alwan Altamis = Male as the position commander with the highest illustrate and different colors.
Ali: The noble, lofty position
Altamis: commander, chief
Alwan: Colorful

Ali Hasan Aminuddin = Male high and well as a trustee of
Ali: High, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad
Hasan: Good, good
Aminuddin: Trustee religion

Ali Omar = first son to pray to God
Ali: the noble, lofty position, praying to the Lord
Omar: the first, long-lived, which inhabit the (Arab, Middle East)

Ali Syaiban Ulya = Men's high position as a cloud snow at higher
Ali: Ranking; The high degree
Syaiban: Clouds snowy
Ulya: high place; The main

Alib Almam Amadi = Men who have perfect gentleness at all times.
Alib: The gentle
Almam: Perfect
Amadi: Time, matlamatku

Alif Hafiz = Male memorize the Koran soft and friendly
Alif: soft and friendly (Arabic)
Hafiz: male memorize the Qur'an (Arabic )

Alif Hafiz Sharkan = Male gentle and friendly to memorize Al Quran with full glory
Alif: gentle and friendly
Hafiz: Male Al Quran memorizers
Sharkan: glory

Alim Alauddin = Men who know the height of his religion.
Alim: Knowing
Alauddin: Height religion

Alim Ibadurrahman = Men who have knowledge of the servants of God the Merciful
Alim: knowledge; clever
Ibadu: His servants
Ar-Rahman: The Merciful

Alimun Hanif = Men of knowledge who run with the straight religion
Alimun: knowledge; educated; knowledgeable
Hanif: Straight; religious plate

Alkhalifi Zikri Hady = A good leader who always remember God and can show the path to goodness
Alkhalifi, Al: The prefix of the Qur'an which means noble, handsome, smart + Khalifi: Boys were good, successful (Arabic)
Zikri: Remembering Allah
Hady: Shows the path to goodness

Zikri Alkhalifi Hamizan = The boy is good, noble and handsome always remember Allah
Alkhalifi: Boys were good, successful
Zikri: Remembering Allah
Hamizan: Smart, strong, handsome

Almam Aliya = Male perfectly visionary.
Almam: Perfect
Aliya: The high

Althafut Tawhid = Men who have a genuine belief in the oneness of God and the finer
Althafut: More smooth; soft
faith: belief in the oneness of God's pure

verb Amanullah = Male determined that the protection of God.
Verb: The inertia
Amanullah: Peace of God

Amal Amir Amani = The man who became a government leader to provide prosperity and hope for the future.
Charity: Ideals, hope
Amir: Son, chairman of the government
Amani: well-being, the ideals of

charity Mahbub = Men who behave well loved by humans
charity: Behavior; deeds; good manners
Mahbub: favored; preferred; loved

Amaluhu Muradullah = Men who favor the will of God in attitude
Amaluhu: Budi character; behavior; deeds; behavior
Muradullah: The Will of God

Amani Amiruddin = Men who become defenders of the religion and always obtain welfare.
Amani: well-being, the ideals
Amiruddin: Defenders of religion

Amanullah Ilham = A man who got the inspiration from the Lord.
Amanullah: Security of God
Ilham: Ilham

Amanullah Zain = Men like a crown that God's protection
Amanullah: Protection; Allah security
Zain: Crown; jewelry

Amin Zuhdi = Men who are trustworthy and humble
Amin: Trustworthiness; trustworthy; honest
Zuhdi: Humility; zuhud

Amir Andar Anaqi = A son of the administration with all the beauty that is radiant and captivating.
Amir: Son, chairman of the government
Andar: The glow
Anaqi: beauty is captivating

Amir Jamil = The dashing and handsome
Amir: Prince (Arabic)
Jamil: Handsome and dashing (Arabic)

Amir Mahmud = Male exemplary leader
Amir: Leader; ruler
Mahmud: Example; admirable

Amiruddin Al Kirami = Men who become religious leaders noble
Amir: Putra, head of government, the leader of
Ad-Din: Religion
Al Kirami: Noble

Commander of the Faithful = The man who led the believers
Commander: The leader; ruler
of the Faithful: Believers

Amjadus Sidqi = Men who have guidelines to noble truths
Amjad: Reverend; admirable
Sidqi: Right, Right

Ammar Amsyar Anaqi = Men who have a strong faith, vibrant and captivating.
Ammar: The most prosperous, strong faith
Amsyar: The vibrancy
Anaqi: beauty is enchanting

Ammar Aslam Tsaqib = Male strong Islamic faith and his speech is always right.
Ammar: Strong faith
Aslam: Amat; most; very Islami
Tsaqib: right speech; Sniper

Amran Allama = Male as broad-minded leader who participated prosperous people.
Amran: The prosperity of
Allama: The extensive knowledge

Amrin Amanullah = A man who got a security god and always carry out his orders.
Amrin: Order
Amanullah: Peace of God

Amrullah Azzaky = Men who do the commandment holy
Amrullah: Order; God said
Azzaky: Bible; pure

Amrullah Rafie Dhyaulhaq = Men who undergo commandments were given a high honor and a ray of truth
Amrullah: Commandments
Rafie: High and noble
Dhyaulhaq Ray truth

Amzar Allama Amin = noble man who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.
Amzar: The noble
Amin: The trust, a reliable, secure
Allama: The extensive knowledge

Anas Izzul Hadif = Men who have a warmth and glory Straight
Anas: The warmth, love, love
Izzul: Glory
Hadif: The straight

Anas Ulwanulujab = Men who have the advantage of high jolly
Anas: Jovial; happy; happy
Ulwan: High; Large
Ujab: Advantages; capability: excellence

Andi Muhammad Thabit Qeis = Be a hope and a prayer became a Muslim who does good and intelligent. God willing Taaala
Andi, Andy: 1) Strong, masculine (Greece, Indonesia). 2) Slave, I (Java). 3) the degree to Bugis
Muhammad: The name of the apostle of truth flyers carrier
Thabit Qeis: The name of the Prophet Muhammad was given the title of Islam spokesman

Anis Zainul Arifin = Male manners make the crown of the wise
Anis: Manners; friendly; sociable
Zainul: Crown; jewelry
Arifin: Wise, discerning

Anjabul efficacious = Men who always come true especially do'anya
Anjabul: Especially; more particularly
efficacious: In conclusion; do'anya sanctioned

Anmar Ansari = Water nan noble protectors of life.
Anmar pure water
Ansari: helper, penyokongku

Annasai Imad = Male Nasai that made me the keeper of religion
Annasai: Imam; Nasai leaders
Imad I; religious tenets

Ansar Aqlan = Men who love doing good and helping others.
Ansar: Assistant, supporters
Aqlan: Policy

Ansaari Amrullah = Men who prefer the command of Allah
Ansaari: assistant; Ansar assistant
Amrullah: God commands

Antarul Imamuddin = Male Berni religious leaders in the fight (against air bodily)
Antarul bravery in battle
Imamuddin: Leader; religious leaders

Antony Tristan Al Jaras = Men who got the gift of God, courageous and commendable
Antony: Male commendable
Tristan: Workers dare
Al Jaras: The gift of God

Anwar Andar Anaqi = Men are more visible radiant beauty and captivating.
Anwar: More clearly
Andar: The glow
Anaqi: beauty is captivating

Anwar Makarim Dzaki = Male intelligent and noble light emitting
Anwar: More luminous; shine
Dzaki: Intelligent; Clever
Makarim: Glory

Anwar Sa'udiyah = man full of happiness shining brightly with
Anwar: More shine; luminous
Sa'udiyah: Happiness; success

Anwarul Makarim = Men who emits a beam of glory
Anwarul: More shine; luminous
Makarim: Glory; commendable

Aqib Mukhtar Hakim = Men are rewarded well as elect and wise
Aqib: The reward; Good reply
Mukhtar: Options
Judge: Arif; wise

Aqil Akhdan = Companions kind
Aqil: Good heart (Arabic)
Akhdan: Companions (Arabic)

Aqlan Harith Ridauddin = Men who have the wisdom always looking to ridhaan religion
Aqlan: Wisdom
Harith: Strong, always trying
Ridauddin: To ridhaan religion

Ar Sakha warranty Alden = men who became nobles and generous and brilliant brains and wise patron
Ar: Lord
Sakha: generous
warranty: brilliant brains
Alden: Protective wise

Ararya Saguna Amrullah = Male from nobles who always obey the command of Allah
Ararya: Group nobility
Saguna: Male
Amrullah: Obey God's command

Ardiman Akhal = Men who are upright like a mountain and has an eye black
Ardiman: men who are upright like a mountain (Java)
Akhal: Has a black eye (Arabic)

Arfa Arafat Arsalan = male famous high-minded brave like a lion.
Arfa: The high, noble
Arafat: The famous, acquaintances
Arsalan: Lion

Arfan Abdul Hafiz = Men who are awarded a servant of God's glorious
Arfan: Knowledge and appreciation
Abdul: Servant of Allah
Hafiz: honorable, general

Arfan Kashif = Child generous, forward-wise, intelligent, humble and in character
Arfan: Knowledge and appreciation (Arabic)
Kashif: Sanity and opinions are good

Argani Bowl Islam = Men like the sword of Islam who brave the elements
Argani: dare to face the danger
Bowl: Sword of
Islam: Religion secure

Arhab Reyhan Ardhani = Male lakasanai flower scented, pure and always an open heart
Arhab: pampers, which airy heart
Reyhan: flowers scented
Ardhani: Holy

Arhabu Rizqi = Men who earn a living area
Arhabu: More broadly; width
Rizqi: sustenance; enjoyment

Arif Billah = Male sage who worship Allah
Arif: Wise
Billah: To God

Arifin Halim = The wise and gentle
Arifin: The wise man (Arab)
Halim: Soft

Ariq Jalaluddin = Male good morals to preserve the glory of religion
Ariq Good manners; good behavior; act
Jalaluddin merits; holy religion admirable

Ariq Rifid Abbasy = Men's peaceful way of protecting their livelihoods and hardworking
Ariq: Road living a peaceful, happy and perfect, gracious, noble
Rifid: Assistant
Abbasy: Diligence

Ariq Rifid Alfatih = Male first as assistant livelihood path peaceful
Ariq: 1) Road livelihood peaceful, independent, happy and perfect (Indonesia). 2) Good sense, glorious (Arab)
Rifid: Assistant
Alfatih: Early

Ariz Adskhan Bowl Islam = Men's knights like the sword of Islam is strong and sturdy
Ariz: Sturdy and strong
Adskhan: knight, prince
Bowl Islam: Sword of Islam

Arsakha Virendra Safwan = noble / generous noble and brave and loving
Arsakha, Ar: Nobility (Indonesia) + Sakha: Philanthropy (Arabic)
Virendra: noble and brave
Safwan: Friends or love

Arsalan Abdul Azim = Arsalan as a servant of the supreme god.
Arsalan: Name of Islam leader
Abdul: Slave
Azim: The general

Arsalan Thufail = Arsalan subtle soul
Arsalan: Name Islamic leaders
Thufail: Fine; soft

Villanueva Abdul Azim = Men who serve the general who is very clever
Villanueva: A very clever
Abdul: Slave
Azim: The general

Villanueva Ramadhan = boy who is very clever, who was born in the month of Ramadhan.
Arsyad: A very clever
Ramadan: The month of Ramadan holy month

Arya Ammar = Nobility a strong faith
Arya: Duke (Java)
Ammar: Strong faith (Arabic)

Arziki Asr Ashmaan = son of heaven who have wisdom and prosperity live
Arziki: prosperity
Asr: People who have the wisdom
Ashmaan: Heaven

As'ad Tsaqib = man in limahi happiness and his words are always right
As'ad: Spill; blissful; happy
Tsaqib: appropriate remarks; sharpshooter

Asadun Zufar = Men brave as a lion like
Asadun: Lion
zufar: Courageous

Ashimul Ghaffarullah = Men who avoid evil and to obtain forgiveness of Allah, Most Forgiving
Ashimul: Avoid; menjahui vices; prohibited
Ghaffarullah: Allah is the Forgiving

Results Asmaan Asjad = Men who have a noble nature, with all their heart firmly like a holy land of beautiful decorative gem.
Result: The noble
Asmaan: The heart that is pure and strong opinions
Asjad: Gold, jewels

Asjad Ashmah = Men brave like gemstones beautiful to the eye.
Asjad: Gold, jewels
Ashmah: The brave

Aslam Wafir = Men who are Islamic and many good deeds
Aslam: Amat; most; very Islami
Wafir: Many; Complete good deeds

Asthma Ariqoh = Women noble and virtuous good.
Asthma: Princess abubakar Assidiq ra
Ariqoh: Good sense ,, originally noble

Asraf Zahirul Ubaid = Servant of God very precious and are bright
Asraf: Amat; most; Glorious
Zahirul: The Humanity; glorious
Ubaid: Servant of

Ath-Thabarani muntaṣir = Ath-Thabarani are always superior
Ath-Thabarani: Imam Thabarani
muntaṣir: Excellent; win

Ata Allah Al-Sakandary = God Award from Egypt
Athaillah, Atha: gift, gift + Illah: God, the divine
Al-Sakandary, Alexandria: Alexandria, Egypt

Athallah Musyaffa = Awards Allah yangg intercession obtain
Athalla, Athallah: Award of God.
Musyaffa: Does anyone get intercession

Athallah inclusion = Men who obtain the grace of God and his glory
Athallah: awards; gift of God
inclusion: The glory of religion

Athar Rizky Yudhistira = strong, sturdy and holy
Athar: the (Arab)
Yudhisthira, Yudhisthira, Yudhistiro: strong, robust (Sanskrit)

Athaya Najib Zaahirulhaq = man in karuniai by God with courage and protection right
Athaya Gifts, gifts, instructions
Najib: Workers dare
Zaahirulhaq: Supporting the truth, right

Athaya Rizal = Legend of God and blessed
Athaya Gifts, gifts, guidance from God.
Rizal: Blessed (Indonesia)

Athifa Azha = gentle girl who kept the flowers.
Athifa: Gentle
Azha: Flowers

Athifun Alim = Men who are knowledgeable with love
Athifun: Compassion; compassion
Alim: Knowledge; Knowledgeable

Atikul Bashir = Male generous giver of good news
Atikul: Gracious; philanthropist
Bashir: Newscaster; good news

Atiqul Faithful = man freeing believers
Atiqul: People mebebaskan; freed slave
Faithful: The believers

Attirmidzi Tsaubatul Jannah = Tirmidhi who gathered in Heaven
At-Tirmidhi Imam Tirmidhi
Tsaubatul: gather; rejoin
Jannah: Heaven

Aufa Saif = Men like a sword that is right on target
Aufa: More accurately; target passes
Saif: Sword

Aunullah Assajid = Men who always bow to obtain the help of God
Aunullah: Relief; God help
Assajid: People kneel; Submissive

sound Awwad = Men who have a sincere goodness, always actively and vigorously.
Sound: Who has the good qualities
Awwad: The earnest

Aydan Sayyid Amjad = Youth is fiery and excited to be the leader of a noble and pious
Aydan: Youth fiery and passionate
Sayyid: Leader
Amjad: Reverend and pious

Aydin Wahyudi = Child intelligent and always gets the blessing ,
Aydin: Smart (Arabic)
Wahyudi: Always get a blessing

Azhar Amani Dhiaurrahman = Men do flowers well-being into the light of the Merciful
Azhar: Flowers
Amani: my welfare
Dhiaurrahman: Light of the Most Gracious

Azharuddin Hazim = Male that emit bright light and aspire religion above
Azhar: Shooting brightly
Ad-din: Religion
Hazim: Aspiring upwards; a conscientious person

Azhim Beatles Arrafif = Male almighty grace of always doing what is right and honorable.
Azhim: Honored
Beatles: Sanctioning
Ar rafif: Honorable

Azhim Zahidin = Men who always sincerely serve supreme god.
Azhim: Honored
Zahidin: People ascetic; humility; sincerely serve

Aziz Amrullah Ardani = Male holy and mighty always obedient to God's command.
Aziz = the Mighty
Amrullah: Commandments
Ardani: Saints

Azizan Nasir Asfa = Male glorious, holy and always get help
Azizan: The noble, strong, lover
Nasir: Relief
Asfa: The holy

Azka Azfar Rabbani = Men who gained rapid progress and successful and wise too pious
Azka: The advanced
Azfar: the most successful
Rabbani: Arif and pious

Azka Misdaq Mu'tashim = Male clean and honest are able to stay away from sin
Azka clean
Misdaq = Honest
Mu'tashim: Be aware of the sin

Azmi Qawim = man whose strength heart formidable
Azmi: strength; firmness; determination
Qawim: Tough; sturdy

Azzam Salahuddin = Fighters (good) in the way of Allah
Azzam: good and strong willed
Salahuddin: Name fighters
Askari: Warrior

Azzam wiratama Achmad = Men of good will like a soldier with the nature of glory and honesty.
Azzam: goodwill and noble
wiratama / Officers: Soldiers
Ahmad, Ahmad: Reliable, honest

Azzamy Syauqi = Male yangpunya roundness that I miss
Azzamy: roundness; determination belief
Syauqi: My Desire

Azzan Syammasullah = People who megumandangkan call to prayer as a servant to God
Azzan: People who advocate calls for prayers
Syammasullah: Server to God

From some of the lists of baby names boys islami unique modern newest funny that we have shared above, if the parent does not quite fit with the name we have given, you can also change rubahnya, say the first name, middle or the name of the most end. Hopefully you can string the name of male infants are more good and useful from a list of names that we have given.