Networks Names Baby Boy Male Islami Modern Gallery The letter "B"

Meaning of Baby Names Child Modern Male Recent Islami - meaning an existing name on the human person to identify a very major, will be easy to be in the know with the name. With the name primarily so has to have a name that's easy on to say, by having the same content corresponding meaning norms of life.

You can choose from millions of baby name meaning existing with select which had good meaning, and the same corresponding provisions already set in religion. One meaning is the primary can be made do`a for the child, the benefits could be helpful person later.

To name a newborn can be an alternative for baby girl names, as well as create some baby names laki2. This website is very comprehensive in a diverse set of meanings child's name and its meaning, as an idea for anada who cares to look for baby names correspond to the name that is most wise choice.

Gambar Nama Bayi Anak Laki-Laki

Likewise below that is an option for you that have children laki2 baby boy, to be able to find some names to have meaning which is very cool name. It is easy to make the most suitable choice in the heart, until your child also has a name with his own choice, just select a name that has been provided of the name prefix letters A to Z below with very complete.

Network Male Baby Name Prefix The letter "A"
Badar = That means = full month
Bediuzzaman = That means = beauty during
Badran = That means = full moon full moon)
Badri = That means = month purnamaku
Badruddin = That means = moon religion
Badrulmunir = That means = moon glowing
Badrun = That means = moon
Badruttaman = That means = month full moon
Baghawi = That means = ratio
Bahadur = That means = bold, strong
Bahauddin = That means = rays religion
Bahij = That means = beautiful
Bahja = That means means = excellent
Bahjat = That means = golden
Bahlawan = That means = mountaineer
Bahran = That means = luminous
Bahri = That means = kegemilanganku
Bahruddin = That means = rays religion
Bahy = That means = handsome
Bahz = That means = pembelaku
Bais = That means = military
Bakhit = That means = lucky
Bakhtiar = That means = happy
Bakri = That means = kemudaanku
Balyan = That means = name netbooks
Banin = That means = a smart, tenacious
Baqir = That means = very clever, erudite
Tariq = That means = sheen
Barra = That means = clean
Barzun = That means = major, bold
Basil = That means = bold
Basim = That means = happy, smiling
Basir = That means = sage, see
Basirun = That means = a see
Basit = That means = designer, maker
Baslan = That means = audacity
Basri = That means = eyesight
Bassam = That means = love smiling
Bechar = That means = bearer of good news
Bashir = That means = relay the good news
Basyirun = That means = to see
Bayanaka = That means = outstanding
Bayiyuddin = That means = rays religion
Bazil = That means = clever
Bazil Amin = That means = smart / honest / trustworthy
Bazilin = That means = contributed
Bazli = That means = wisdom, kepakaranku
Bazli Hadif = That means = kepakaranku / which has the goal of
Berwyn = That means = loyal friend
Bilal = That means = the name of the prophet , drops of dew
Biruni = That means = the name of the great scholars
Bisyari = That means = joy
Bisyrun = That means = tidbit
brother = That means = the name of his prophet Joseph
Buraidah = That means = coolness
Burhan = That means = reason, evidence
Burhanuddin = That means = evidence of
Busairi = That means = ratio
Busrain = That means = freshness
Busri = That means = tidings
Bustani = That means = my garden

set of meanings baby names male modern Islamic uniquely complete Java in 2020 in accordance with the teachings of Islam, may make the best choice for you all.